How to Delete GCash Transaction History

how to delete GCash transaction history

Gcash application is a popular in every country. Gcash application downloads increasing day by day as well the website was also huge popular in all country.

In This Article we explain How to delete Gcash transaction history and its really possible? also why we need to delete Gcash transaction history?

how to delete GCash transaction history


What is GCash Transaction History ?


GCash Transaction History Means when We Done transaction In GCash Platform, sending money, receive money, when our transaction was completed, why our transaction was rejected, All Information About Transaction Showing In The History With Exactly Time And Date

Can I Delete Gcash Transaction History

No, you can’t delete GCash transaction history from your end. But yes there is a some options so you can use and delete your transaction history


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Follow method to delete Gcash transaction history –

  • 1st Method – Contact Gcash Support Team and request for a delete transaction history (Also Remember – you have need a specific reason why you want to delete the transaction history)


  • 2nd Method – Delete your Gcash account permanently if you have delete your account so your transaction history automatically deleted. remember you can’t restore your account after delete.


Why Gcash Does Not Allowed to Delete Transaction History?

GCash does not allow Delete transaction history due to security policy or government rules also give better experience to user.

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Conclusion –

This are 2 method available to delete your transaction history. At the last there will be no any genuine method available to delete transaction history. You can just try from your end I hope this article help you. Any message you want to give comment below




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