WhatsApp adding status is not available on this device

If You’re Also Facing In the “WhatsApp adding status is not available on this device” problem. It Could may be due to various reasons. In this Article we are trying to Fix this Problem.

WhatsApp adding status is not available on this device

How To Fix WhatsApp Adding status is not available on this device problem

Here Are A Few Solving Steps You Can Try: –

Use Primary Device :- If You Have Using Whatsapp In Two Device. Make Sure You Have Using Primary Device To Add Whatsapp status because WhatsApp is only supporting primary device to adding status.


Update WhatsApp – Make sure you have using the new version of WhatsApp which is installed on your device from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Go To Play Store And Check For An Updates


Check Device Compatibility: Make Sure that your device is meets the minimum requirements for WhatsApp. Sometimes older devices are not support certain features like adding status


Clear Cache and Data – Go to your Phone setting, then to the Apps /Application manager / or apps section. Find WhatsApp, and clear its cache & data. Restart your device and try again. To Add Whatsapp Status


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Reinstall WhatsApp – If clear the data and cache not work, Then try to uninstalling and again reinstalling WhatsApp. Remember to back up your chats before doing this process.


Check Internet Connection – ┬áMake Sure that you have a stable internet connection, as WhatsApp status updates require good internet connection.


Contact Support :- If none of the above method are work, you may be need to a reach out to WhatsApp support for further assistance. Send Report so WhatsApp fix your problem soon as possible

Contact WhatsApp


Conclusion –

this is all method to fix WhatsApp adding status problem. Above provided all steps are genuine and useful you should be try once. Also Share this article with your friends and social media

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